The Secret to Finding the Right Realtor®

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Want the secret to finding the Right Realtor® to represent your best interest when purchasing a home?

Buyer Representation by a Licensed Realtor® is basically at no cost to the buyer.  There may be a nominal corporate processing fee, but commissions are paid by the seller’s agent.   

There is tremendous value in having the knowledge, experience and skill a realtor provides.  Realtor's operating expense includes keeping their website current with an active listing feed directly from their local Multiple Listing Service. This service is provided for their current and potential clients. 

The time to begin your search for your right realtor is when you have made the decision to start the home buying process. 

Buyers should provide a phone number, as well as the best time to talk, when registering on a reputable realtor's website.  It is the realtor's job to reach out to you, develop rapport, answer questions you have and be available for you. 

Spending hours searching for property online may be fun but spending time interviewing the potential real estate professional will confirm the working relationship will fit.  And if it doesn’t, move to the next candidate.  

You should know after several phone conversations or a face to face interview,  if you have the right realtor. 

Ultimately it will cost  you less time and effort to find and develop a business relationship with the right realtor.